Qualities to check in a good international school

International schools are the educational revolution. It is best for students who are participating in a competitive world. It teaches more than the academics and help them to achieve the goals in the interested subjects.

In fact, all international schools does not maintain international standards on education. Some of the school gained only name and does not have qualities of pure hk international schools. Here are some qualities need to check:

Important and quality Resources

A school should be able to provide all the needs of the students for great education. Whether it may be realted to academics, sports , foods and hostels. Availability of all this resources should be in good quality too.

Good teaching staff

 An important quality of school is the methodology of teaching . International schools are implementing k-12 education system. The staff of these school should be able to guide the students in a wise manner. There are teaching of self explanatory model for students to know themselves and learn better ways to express themselves.

Good Rules and Procedures

There are many schools with different rules. Some important rules are

  • Children should follow strict discipline to know the children is studying in right place.
  • Progress reports should be sent to the parents periodically
  • Special training should be provided for below average students.
  • Sports and Extracurricular activities should be teached for stress free education.

Extra facilities

In addition to providing the books and library for studying, hong kong international school should provide the amenities for sports, hostel and other activities.

Peaceful and comfortable location

The school should be located in a area where there is no noise level and air pollution. It should be in the outside of the city and be surrounded by the trees for more oxygen. This encourages the students health and education.