Carnation Flower Information and Facts

Carnation is A perennial flower that is ordinarily utilized by wineries in huge structures, flower bundles, vases, boutonnieres and corsage. Carnation flowers can be seen in many different vibrant and beautiful tones and their awesome versatility enables them to keep a relatively long timeframe of realistic usability.

carnation Includes a logical name of Dianthus Caryophyllus  significance blossoms of the celestial beings and they are among the most experienced cultivated flowers on Earth. Some of the time it is due to by its own family rather than its fundamental name. Carnations are cultivated for over 2000 years and they are native to Eurasia.

During Ancient Roman and Greek events, carnations were used in style and art designs and were predominantly found in pale pink and peach shades. Be that as it may, the blossom’s shading developed throughout the countless years into colors of yellow, white, purple, red and now and again green. There are 250 – 300 species approximately of the class exist. Carnation is the national flower of Spain and the state flower of Ohio.


40 petals while single sprouts called Dianthus caryophllus have only five petals.

There are Three major sorts of carnations, these are: Large flowered carnation which develops with a huge flower for every stem, Spray carnation which develops several smaller flowers per stem and Dwarf flowered carnation that is the smallest sort that comprises of many flowers growing on a single stem also. Carnations should be planted in moist yet very much drained soil.

Generally, The flower is supposed to deal with a woman’s feelings and love. Red addresses Admiration, pink covers a mother’s undying adoration, white carnation is a Demonstration of best of luck and purity. Striped carnation is indicative of Disappointment or decrease and purple tone is representative of a female’s caprice. You should think about the meaning of a carnation flower before purchasing It to forestall creating a unintended signal.