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Poetry and songs serve no practical purpose towards our survival as individuals or as a species. In spite of this, both occupy a massive part in our lives. The pen is mightier than the sword, composed Edward Bulwer-Lytton. Though bodily weapons may yield physical entry, the mind and heart are only hardened into resistance direction by such primitive ways. Sticks and stones may wound the flesh, but words have the capacity to penetrate the physical outside and influence the immortal soul inside. A mere word, positive or negative, has the ability to inspire or ruin be it from a girl or boy to whom we are drawn, a boss, or even possibly influential client.myrelist

Poetry arranges words in patterns, and in so doing polarizes their power, focusing on greater effect. There is an enormous quantity of poetry, and probably much of it will have little impact on any specific reader. But somewhere among the world of words we could all find something which resonates. Even if you have never read poetry before it can be a fruitful experience to spend the odd afternoon on the neighbourhood library or bookstore perusing the shelves.

Music is more accessible. It disturbs us anyhow the radio airwaves and nowadays the net. We are taught to recognize and create audio in the nursery rhymes of this crib. It features throughout our schooldays, maybe we might learn how to play or sing. As young people we identify with specific subcultures based around music. And as adults we amass a collection of musical recordings on vinyl, tape, CD and latterly in electronic form.

There are various ways of appreciating music. It is often used as a soothing alternative to quiet, improving our productivity on jobs menial or otherwise. As stated above myrelist  offers an identity while growing up, helping shape what we become. Music is used to escape the stress of everyday life, and in spiritual worship. People with a literary or musical talent attain material success and popular acclaim far beyond people who save and enhance lives. We attend musical performances, purchase or otherwise obtain musical records, and sing and play with ourselves for no other reason that than the pleasure it brings.

In daily life we confront firstly the need to survive, then the requirement to find satisfaction upon the material plane. But neither of those objectives feeds the desire of the spiritual being that is our very character. Dissemination of the written word is every bit as major business. Words, expertly selected and arranged can move us emotionally and inspire acts of supreme sacrifice and significance. That we will need to seek, in prosperity, fulfilment beyond mere survival and perpetuation is proof enough that we are more than just flesh and blood.