Exemplary city!

          Nobody would deny the fact that the city of Hong Kong is a well developed and rich city where all the cultures meet and many decisions are made. The city has several positive aspects to it starting from its history and the city is now using the right technology to make the life of its citizens easy and convenient. With the smart city hk project they have achieved the best traffic networking especially the train routes so that the traffic congestion can be removed and time is saved in the transportation process. This helps all the people in the city to be n time in every walk of life.

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Age friendly:

  • Apart from becoming a smart city for the century the city administration has made the whole city elderly friendly as the ageing population can have its own difficulties sorted out.
  • They are helped especially in the transportation and also the use of public facilities and amenities.
  • The right technology and products has been used where it is necessary especially in the way the public facilities like toilets are constructed, the water facilities, and the way they can move about in the city without depending on the others.
  • The technology for elderly has brought smile in the faces of the elderly people in the city and they find it convenient to move from one place to another with ease effortlessness. .