Why is Hosted Exchange a Good Option?

Your company needs to ensure it has the best email arrangement conceivable, so your client and customer communications are rarely intruded. Many companies feel that the best way to guarantee the best email arrangement is by paying top dollar – thousands for hardware, software licenses, and dedicated IT work force to keep your on location arrangement running easily.

We’d prefer to educate you regarding a superior way.

The Solution

We’d prefer to enlighten you concerning hosted exchange email. Here is an application that gives you substantial savings on your expenses. Presently, you do not have to buy expensive servers – all of your email servers are offsite, and do not require any initial investment. Instead, you pay a small month to month charge based on the size of your company. This email application is accessed through the Internet, and is along these lines available anywhere – not at all like an on location server.

Why this could be the ideal answer for your company:

  • No gigantic start-up charges: Instead of having to buy an expensive server and software licenses, Hosted Exchange is available for a small month to month charge. You can also be ready for action rapidly, rather than an on location arrangement, which can take a long time to set up and get completely operational.

  • Accessible anywhere: You can access your email from the office, home or your cell phone.

  • You can scale all over as required: You do not have to pay for an expensive server to plan for future development – as your company develops, Hosted Exchange can easily develop with you and you just pay based on the size of your company today and click https://www.superhub.com.hk/office-365-overview/.

  • Multiple redundancies, so you do not have personal time: With an on location arrangement, on the off chance that you hit a snag and your server goes down, you do not have a backup plan. That means your customers cannot break through to you – not uplifting news! With a Hosted Exchange, there are backups upon backups, so you know you’re safe regardless of what happens.

  • No on location IT required: With an on location server, you will require an on location technician to attend to the many issues that will arise.

The team at Spirinet are Hosted Exchange specialists, and we’d gladly discuss any inquiries you have about how your company can implement and benefit from Hosted Exchange email.