Why does the music is considered as a universal language?

Music is considered as a universal language. It helps in communicating across culture and boundaries. No other language expresses our true inner feelings either it may be English, French or much more that is spoke across our country and world. It is a universal feature of human, it can be only be experienced. Any emotions that are always expressed in terms of words are stronger than the speechless one. Human brain can detect emotions on music. The real meaning of feelings is understood through music. Strings like higher pitch, more fluctuations in pitch and rhythm and faster tempo represents happiness, whereas other music types represent sadness. Music deals with joy, sad, calm and pleasure. Human brain has an innate music sense, which senses the emotional sense.

Style of music

Even when our mind is blank and blind, a string of music will be sensed from your mind. Music is a language of everyone in this world, even blind and a deaf can sense them. We are able to convey emotions in terms of speech; this is the reason behind being a universal language. For instance, when you tend to hear a song from other language like Hindi or Chinese, you are unable to understand the emotions or feelings that is conveyed through music is always more meaningful than that is expressed through speech. There are two emotions involved in our body, happiness and sadness. Specific feature of melody expresses emotions. When in the mood of angry, mood off or any certain negative thoughts, music has the power to deal with. Mind and heart are not similar at any cost of time. When you are able to cope up with this. It is always easier to understand life and have a fun filling moment.

To define music, everyday of our life communication is the major part. How does bees communicate, obviously language of bees? Which we name them as music. A bird singing, dogs bark is understood that it is communicating with their family. Like wise we term it as music. Since music and language has common feature, it depends upon the brain areas that process language and also music. Any complex behavior that we express tend to have language or music. We will always recruit combinations from many different brain areas. It is not always difficult to deal with humans when we hear music at any part of life. It makes you to escape reality. There are lots of business ideas that has created on the base of music such as music blog, online music players and much more