Heard About Non-Cell Tower Phones. Here Are Satellite Phone Singapore Prices

Satellite phone Singapore price are quite reasonable. Satellite phones, regardless of their prices, offer exceptional services. Satellite phone Singapore prices vary by various units in various currencies.


  • Satellite phones connect across boundaries, geographies, and countries. The system connecting directly to the satellites instead of cell towers is exceptional and ideal for these phones.
  • While cell phones depend on cell towers and favorable geographies to connect to these work in remote areas like desert, sea, ocean, jungles alike.
  • The audio quality is great, but the connectivity level, security, privacy, and all features are supplied maximumly.
  • Even though video calling or other cell phone services such as single sign-ins or cell authorization into sites, exploring the internet is not possible, considering the emergencies in which these devices are used, their working is an angel in disguise.
  • While many may say that the prices are exuberant and irrational, the very invention of these devices is worth the cost it demands.

Uses of satellite phones:

Satellite phones are used where cell phones fail. They are used to connect water to water. It is used where radiations are extreme, and communication is essential.

Huge companies, firms, and services have satellite phones to keep their employees connected even in extreme conditions.

It is used when cell towers are out of scope, not reachable, or accessible.


While each brand of satellite phone Singapore has different costs, the general satellite phone ranges from 1 lakh to 2 lakh or 1.5 to 2.8$.