Easy With These Natural Hypertension Remedies

The incidence of hypertension or high blood pressure among middle aged and elderly people has increased dramatically in the recent years due to the hectic lifestyles and improper dietary habits. Hypertension is often referred to as the silent killer because people are very often unaware that they are suffering from the ailment. They become aware only after suffering a stroke, paralytic attack or a kidney failure. This is often too late for people to take remedial action since most of these cases prove to be fatal. The neglected condition takes its toll on the patient and the family members. Early detection of hypertension is essential to avoid any further health complications that may arise later. Over the counter drugs are readily available but health experts suggest that if the condition is not severe, there are natural hypertension remedies for controlling high blood pressure.

Hypertension treatment

Some of the most common natural hypertension remedies are listed below.


It is said that the aroma of certain natural plants, herbs and flowers help in controlling hypertension. Natural hypertension remedies include aromatherapy that may require you to inhale the scent of the blue chamomile oil, every time you feel flushed or agitated. Aromatherapy may also involve a daily massage using a combination of different types of oils such as the blue chamomile, lavender, olive, almond and sunflower. Other oils could also be utilized based on the recommendations of a trained aroma therapist. The affect of aromatherapy may vary depending on the individual and it is advisable to opt for it as an aid and not as a complete cure, especially if the condition is severe.

Food Therapy:

Remedies for detonic lék hypertension can be as simple as the food eat and by focusing on narrowing down the dietary ratios between sodium and magnesium and sodium and potassium. It has been scientifically proven that lowering these ratios helps in controlling blood pressure. Food therapy may require you to eat fresh fruits, such as bananas and melons and green leafy vegetables. Drinking celery juice can also help in the effective management of hypertension. The juice contains an essential oil whose affect is similar to the prescribed drugs available in the market. Celery stalks can also be included in the regular diet.