Choosing the Perfect Paint Finish Ideas

Since you have decided to redecorate and have chosen a paint tone, the next step is to choose a finish or sheen for the paint. Choosing the wrong finish can cause less than favorable results. The correct paint finish will make your space look spectacular (provided you have also prepped and primed your walls ahead of time). Anyway, how do you know what finish to use where? Well, there are some basic rules to follow concerning where to use each paint finish that will help to ensure that all the work put into a paint job is not in vain. Here are the five paint finishes and general recommendations for where to use them.

Gleam – This is the shiniest paint finish and is perfect for bringing attention to beautiful trim work or anything else you want to feature. Sparkle can withstand a great deal of wear and tear and is easy to clean especially on the off chance that it is oil-based instead of water-based latex.

Perfect Paint Finish

Semigloss – This is the sheen that is traditionally used in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms. It, too, is shiny and easy to clean which is perfect for rooms that tend to have spills. The sheen is reflective and makes performing tasks in these spaces easier.

Eggshell – This is the most popular sheen for walls. It is a comfortable combination of not very shiny and not very dull. It is washable and a really good choice for high traffic areas, for example, foyers and stairways.

Satin/Matte – These finishes are good choices for bedrooms. They have a low shine that emits a warm gleam. And as an added bonus, they can be wiped clean and would not shine.

Flat – This is the paint finish that is perfect for hiding imperfections on a wall. It is difficult to clean and is typically used for ceilings with useful article. There is also flat paint finishes made specifically for ceilings to ensure there are not any distracting shiny spots that will call attention to imperfections.

In essence, how paint performs has to do with its sheen. Thus, take the extra time to decide what you will be painting beforehand so you purchase the correct finish for your project.